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18th Century Oak 'Lambing' Chair

This is a Georgian lambing chair, made in about 1790.

Dr. Cotton in his book, The English Regional Chair, a comprehensive study of domestic country furniture, writes:
Hearsay evidence has claimed that these chairs were 'lambing' chairs, a title which suggests that they were used by shepherds who sat up during the night to oversee their flocks. This belief is probably apocryphal, although by the nature of their regional origins in the sheep farming countryside, they would, no doubt, often have been used at home by shepherds.

This chair has a drawer under the seat that moves from side to side. The drop-in seat has obviously been covered later. There has also been some restoration to the base of the legs - stone floors were washed daily and furniture suffered. The most important feature is the fantasic colour.

18th Century Oak 'Lambing' Chair


The measurements are 24 inches wide, 22 inches deep and 39 inches high.  The seat is at 16 inches.


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18th Century Oak 'Lambing' Chair18th Century Oak 'Lambing' Chair18th Century Oak 'Lambing' Chair18th Century Oak 'Lambing' Chair18th Century Oak 'Lambing' Chair
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