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Large Painting by Marc Verte of Los Angeles, c1993

A large oil and acrylic on canvas - Window by the Sea - by Marc Verte.  Born in Cracow in Poland and lives in Los Angeles, California.  He attended the Bielsko-Biala College of Fine Art.

The painting is bold and strong.  Layers of paint are laid down and the lines are drawn with a pallet knife by scraping away, and then more paint is applied.  This method requires a very confident hand.

This is an taken from a review Lee Burr in April 1994:

Marc Verte paintings all contain an appreciative pictorial nod to the Fauvist masters. Indeed, the informed viewer will recognise the use of pure contrasting colour to achieve visual resonance. Certainly too, vigorous brushwork is strongly in evidence. Even the subject choices identify a painter entirely conversant with the works of predecessor members of the Fauvist circle. But neither Matisse, Derain, Dufy, nor other fathers of this highly influential stylistic discipline would view Verte paintings to be merely derivative.
Rather, Marc Verte paintings proclaim the emergence of an independent talent; completely comfortable with the diverse demands of the painters craft. The artist’s recent canvases (those dating from late ’93) show clearly a daunting range of skill and self-reliance.
In three separate series of paintings, one focusing on colour, a second on pattern and the third on brushwork, Verte proves equal to every challenge.
With the Colour Series, the artist restrains a polished drawing skill in order to show the special power of richly applied colour. Subjects - florals, figures, exteriors,- retreat as the colours advance. Objects are outlined and defined by colour alone. Yet the series is neither raw nor uncontrolled. Deftly, the artist proves able to compose that which to a lesser talent might appear to be a problem without solution.
The Pattern Series challenges the artist to give form and meaning to randomly applied materials. Paint, stained paper, colour tissue, even scraps of gilt are almost carelessly applied to the surface of a canvas. Verte then finds the subjects – usually oversized flowers or leaves – by blocking out a border area here, an interior area there. Brush or oil pastel is used to enhance discovery while retaining pattern. Thus does the subject emerge; indistinct, yet complete.
The Brushstroke Series is clearly and unabashedly a demonstration of true virtuosity. With economy of line and colour, the artist proves uncommonly able to draw with the brush. No object of interest is laboriously rendered. No image is relentlessly defined. Brushstrokes seem random, yet are not. The subjects, most often wildflowers, are identified effortlessly. These extemporaneous studies attest to the extraordinary degree to which this painter can rely on pure instinct.
Marc Verte maintains a studio in Southern California and lives in Los Angeles.

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Large Painting by Marc Verte of Los Angeles, c1993

The measurements are 150 cm wide and 120 cm high.

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Large Painting by Marc Verte of Los Angeles, c1993Large Painting by Marc Verte of Los Angeles, c1993Large Painting by Marc Verte of Los Angeles, c1993Large Painting by Marc Verte of Los Angeles, c1993Large Painting by Marc Verte of Los Angeles, c1993
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